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Our group successfully challenged the Guinness World Records


Music high fountain through the Kaleidoscope of fountain style combines with colorful color lighting to reflect the meaning of music and musical themes. It can change to the ups and downs according to the music, and it can play in sync through a specific system and achieve unification of music, water and light.
The music-high fountain of Suqian Lake in China was built in September 26, 2011. It was designed and constructed by our group. Its primary design of high pressure jet grouting for 199.6 meters, in coordination with the foundation year of Suqian City (1996),  and showing the " Pull Mountains (legend of Suqian hero—translator)" spirit of Suqian. The fountain uses the world's most advanced energy-saving technologies, which power is 3,200-kilowatt, saving 2,500-kilowatt than other traditional fountain system per hour, and fountains flow is 2320 m/h.
By day, music high fountain is a colon in the sky, like a silver dragon dance on the lake, and soars with a "high like the God in the sky" momentum. At night, lights and all sorts of water modeling, along with the music, the lights, the waterscape show is joyous and it uses the water language to illustrate the infinite beauty of the Lake.
On August 6, 2012, Jiangsu Suqian City Government with the group invited the authoritative survey institution named the Prospecting Institute of Surveying and Mapping in Jiangsu Province, to measure the high fountain, with a full uninterrupted evidence. The result was 204.7m water column height measurement. Notary information and materials related to text, photographic evidence was sent to the Guinness headquarters in United Kingdom to several reviews and they were eventually adopted.
The fact that high music fountain of Suqian Luoma Lake has successfully challenged the Guinness World Records identifies Chinese waterscape technology has attained the world peak, but also that provides for local people and visitors a new attraction and elevates Lake tourism awareness and brand influence.
The local Government decided to open it on every Saturday, Sunday, Mid-Autumn Festival, the national day and major holidays (except for rain and snow day), the open time of about 20 minutes each time, for the general public and tourists watching the fountain show.

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