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  • Traditional Waterscape Art

    Hydrophilic area consists largely of NC jumping springs. Through program control and voice it gives singular effect. Interaction between people and water, such as Butterfly love for flowers, it adds lifetime to children or laugh to teenager

  • Boao Asia Forum`s Waterscape Art

    Hainan Boao Forum Conference Centre Entrance Fountain is the most remarkable. Fountain ceaseless goes from the top to down of the globe, just like the pace of economic growth in Asia. Small streams and sprays of the water attractions combin

  • Dragon of Water Landscape Art

    Spewing of water according to the spiral pattern repeats continuous jets, or up or form left to right, resulting in strong rotation of the water flow. Representation such as clouds or stream flows, water flows in a natural manner, follow ce

  • Dandelion Waterscape Art

    Dandelion flies in the wind, such as graceful girls, waving long sleeves, singing and dancing, has an active dynamism. Autumn wind gusts, and scent of water fills harmoniously in the air, all this enchants people.

  • Suqian Horticulture Expo Garden Waterscape Art

    For planning CD 196 meters high is the highest point of the entire fountain spray, the finishing touch splendid effect. Stout, straight, smooth and mellow water column soars straight up into the sky. Every night under the bright lights, lig

  • High Fountain

    In the river near the intersection of horizontal and vertical, the high fountain touching sky in the river, forms dynamic system of city image and urban landscape, to enhance and strengthen the citys iconic, and to highlight the citys image


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