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  • Distant View Visual Arts

    Delicate and graceful, elegant, strange color,the various laser modelings flies in the air, expressiveness is extremely rich. Its comprehensive range of shapes and colors shown are encyclopaedic and omnipotent.

  • The Charming West Lake

    Various water-spectacular views of beautiful or splendid styles, swayed elegantly and colorful variously, that`s what it praises virtue local Changzhou will have greatness of local people, glory to Changzhou, flourishing prosperous and emin

  • The Water Surface Visual Arts

    The show and cruises are decorated in variety decorations of water scenery, lighting and stage costume, and it is full dynamic landscape theme focus. It seems that the legend of heaven comes down in the horticulture garden Expo.

  • The big Party Visual Arts

    The themes of landscape design in Suqian are science and technology, welcoming and change. It seeks to show the incorporation of a high speed development of new urban concentration. Stage is a magical space created with the technology. Its

  • Combat Visual Figure

    Son Tinh had his own magic wand, too. He turned the animals on the mountain into thousands of soldiers to fight back. He turned the mountain higher as the water rose. The war between Son Tinh and Thuy Tinh lasted for days. No one won the wa

  • Mountain God Visual Figure

    Son Tinh and a hundred attendants were the first who came to the court. He brought trays full of jewels and baskets full of mango, grapes, strawberries, roses, orchids, etc. The Emperor was delighted with all the gifts. He agreed to let Son

  • The Undersea World

    My name is Thuy Tinh. I am the Spirit of the Seas. I reign over all creatures living in the water. I own all coral, pearls, and treasures under the sea. I can raise the level of the sea as high as the mountain top. I can make rain and gathe

  • The Stage Visual Art

    Once upon a time, Emperor Hung Vuong the Eighteenth had a beautiful daughter, Princess Mi Nuong. Her beauty was so renowned that many suitors from foreign lands came to ask the Emperor for her hand.


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