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  • Vietnam Project Lighting Art

    Reasonable standard lighting layout, the use of multiple spatial light distribution, that makes echoes between the diversification patterns of lights and reflective surface of water. It forms a clear theme style of viewing experience.

  • Scenery Zone Lighting Art

    The design requires grasping the characteristics of the landscape, building the art, creating the vitality and appeal of the night image, making a striking landscape works different from the day and making the landscape an art in the way of

  • International Clothing City Lighting Art

    A design for each node, on the premise of full account in appearance, by controlling the device, this design enables light sources into intelligent lighting system. In the latter maintenance, it is easy to single remove and to troubleshoot,

  • Beautiful Scenery Lighting Art

    Chanting poems and paintings of water scenic gallery is located near River-View Pavilion, where concentrated the past dynasties poets of describing and singing River. In the design we use embossing forms to portray here the fames and histor

  • Zhenjiang Scenery zone lighting art

    Square design is novel and unique, used many advanced ideas and stylish elements. Subsidence-type square, the provinces first basket wall landscape, steel and wooden bridge, viewing platform dangling above the river and shingle beach in Jia


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