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  • Huaxi of Yangzhou

    Musical fountain waterscape show in the garden is joyous. It attracts visitors crowd. Leisure people walk around the landscape full of beautiful songs.

  • Zengcheng landscape art

    Zengcheng music ultra high pressure Jet fountain design`s height is not less than one mile, hailing Zengcheng peoples desire and spirit which are masculinity never indomitable. This spirit expresses as an indestructible peak or like a colla

  • Horticultural exposition digital music dream light water sho

    This case is the nature of green design. In todays world, it is that growing urbanization, destruction of the natural environment and the ecological balance. Environmental art design in the city, we combine green design, with a water sculpt

  • Music Waterscape Show of the Municipal People's Square in Da

    The water fully demonstrated technology, innovation, energy saving and environmental protection design concepts, to ensure that the waterscape in Jiangsu province based on the forefront of world water art landmark landscape! Dream digital m

  • Zhenjiang dantu waterscape

    Dantu new North-South axis of ecological crosses Guyang Road East-West axis. Environment buildings eco-green there realize the concept of ecological and nature urban style. Waterscape design was done commensurate with the Dantu specific eco

  • Yangzhong bird 's-eye view

    Music light waterscape show combines the music, light and water, shows diligence, pioneering, and devoted spirit, interprets fairyland of Park Exposition Horticulture and blesses Yangzhong peoples long well-being and bright future.

  • Suqian Software Park

    Good landscape is intelligent inside and beautiful outside. Ecological aesthetic feeling at aesthetic object is external. Its internal object like Ecological structure, ecosystem balance, is the origin and source of beauty.

  • Zhenjiang environmental art design

    Landscape planning along the Riverside gives the scene of species diversity, birds twitter and fragrance of flowers , stones folded and piled up, to attract the public to this recreation area. It combines ecology, landscape, recreation and


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