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  • Yangzhong design ideas.

    Straight and rotating water depicts flowers and trees, like the elves in the Lake beautiful Waltz played one after another, implying heaven Eden landing in Yangzhong island like never ending Noahs Ark.

  • Zhenjiang design ideas.

    Decorated archway is leisure tourists site, where lighting comfort and suitable brightness of the environment around. Mini flood lights exposure shine, so that when people relax, they can integrate into the nature. It creates the atmosphere

  • Yangzhong design ideas

    Water-type structures of different flowers, like a waltz, are elegant beauty. Flowers swaying in the air and their pose build colorful gardens.

  • Zhenjiang design ideas

    Floodlights used evenly brighten around large tripod vessel complement luminescent stone lamp lighting installed in order to enhance the overall vision of the landscape.

  • Yangzhong design ideas

    We Use the air water-blooms like mountains, flowers, rosy clouds etc to water garden project to show the sky garden of Eden in exhibition event.


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