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       Current Executive Member of Environmental Art Committee of China Construction Culture Art Association, and Expert Committee Member of Committee Of Experts, Executive Director of Water Environment and Waterscape Research Department; Executive Member of China Construction Metal Structure Association; Vice Chairman of China Fountain Waterscape Committee; Expert of China Fountain Expert Committee; Chairman of China Innovation Environmental Art Technology Group; Senior master of Environmental Art.

      Promote environmental art and embellish  urban style.
      Environmental art is the art and science of ecology, as well as the art and science to create harmony and lasting. Environmental art is a kind of exquisite art which has long history and cultural heritage. Water environment and waterscape art are important components of environmental art.
      “The benevolent loves mountain and the wise loves water”. The mountain has reiki because of water; the water gives emotion to mountain.
      The ancients said: “There is landscape on earth, on painting, in the dream as well as in the heart.”
      Water plays a role to moralize human nature and  virtue.
      Water can accumulate wealth. Living near water, man must be riches and kind.
      Adjacent to water, one must be rich or a high-ranking government official; faced to water, man is generous  and happy.
      In the human society which attaches great importance to the survival wisdom, and since ancient times, people have started meticulous design, pursued the environment suitable for their own survival and development.
      China Innovation Environmental Art Technology Group is committed to using cutting-edge technology and full range of services to create one and other water culture wonderful flowers in environmental art, making you enjoy the new feelings of work, study and lifestyle brought by water culture.
      Technology is upgrading. Every step must be matched with a clear strategy. The plan is more important than machinery. The requirements for technical and quality are far more important than the interest. In the times that unprecedented development of science and technology, China Innovation Environmental Art Technology Group dares to bear a heavier responsibility in Waterscape art, art lighting field, with foresight and sagacity eyes, look into the future, with the development of Chinese environmental art as our own duty.
       Look back the past, we have gained glorious performances; look into the future, we will shoulder heavy responsibilities. Everyone of group has paid out unremitting efforts. Such a team full of wisdom, brave to innovate, united and integrity, striving for excellence, is not only the valuable wealth of the group; but it is also the engines for the group breeding vitality and for the development continuous.
       My greatest joy is China Innovation Environmental Art Technology Group stands in the forest of world by our own diligence, wisdom, advanced technology and excellent product quality, with innovation, creation, and entrepreneurial spirit..
Dr. Xu Jilai

Address:16th fl,1st blk,1st bldg,n.69 of Chaoyang Rd,Chaoyang Dist,Beijing,China.


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