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    Mr. Yao Bing: Professor of Engineering, born in 1944, graduated from the Harbin Institute of Technology, Tongji University doctoral tutor, British Royal Chartered Master Builder, former Chief Engineer of the Ministry of Construction. He has been engaged in macroeconomic management for construction industry.
    Successive  Director of Construction, Supervisor of Construction Supervision of Ministry of Construction, Discipline-team leader of Committee of the CPC delegated in Ministry of Construction, Executive Vice President of China Civil Engineering Society, Members of the CPC leading group  of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, Vice President of China Construction Industry Association, Executive Vice President of China Construction Supervision Association; Honorary President of Urban Construction Magazine; President of the China Construction Metal Structure Association.

    Mr. Zhao Ruilin: Researcher
    Vice Principal and Principal of Nanjing Transport Super College; Assistant Principal of South-east University. Now the Vice President of Alumni Association in South-east University. Lifelong Honorary Consultant of China Innovation Environmental Art Technology Group Ltd... He loves calligraphy since he was young, especially love official script. He also practices weibei and seal script. He specializes in regular script, running script, seal script, official script, cursive script and other scripts in the calligraphy and carving.

    Mr. Ma Guoxin: Academician in Chinese Academy of Engineering and Deputy Director of the China Environment Expert Committee; Vice President of the Arts Council; graduated from the Architecture Department of Tsinghua University in 1965; achieve Doctorate in engineering from Tsinghua University1991. Serve till now in Beijing Institute of Architectural Design since October, 1965. He had taken the Duty of Architect, Deputy Director of design studios, Director Architect and other positions. He is now the Chief Architect for the institute, Professor-Level Senior Architect, One-Level Registered Architect.

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